[SAP ERP X SyncTree POC Review] Make SAP RFC Call with No-Code

Make complex SAP data exchanges simple with No-Code
April 18, 2023
[SAP ERP X SyncTree POC Review] Make SAP RFC Call with No-Code
From Setting up a separate configuration POC equipment, requirements analysis to development, testing, and QA, the POC was completed in four days! An in-house SAP ABAP developer spent only one day developing and testing with SyncTree!
No Need to Set Up a Separate Dev. and Testing Environment!
No Need to Set Up Library!
No Cost for Deployment!
Easy to Deploy with Just One Click!


  1. Provide a new SAP RFC Block
  2. Call the provided SAP RFC function
  3. Extracting and Delivering the desired output value separately


[DEMO] SAP X SyncTree

⏰ [00:10]

Log in to SyncTree and create an APP, BizUnit, to use for the demonstration

⏰ [00:35] Before starting block coding, create RFC with SAP to integrate

(Enter SAP basic information and RFC end-point)

⏰ [01:20]

Prepare SAP and RFC blocks for use in SyncTree

- Function name for SAP connection is implemented as 'callRfcWithSap'

- Parameter values are defined in the SAP block

⏰ [01:50]

Call SAP RFC Function registered as 'SYCM_HEALTH_CHECK'.

(SAP input Data can be omitted)

⏰ [01:57]

Create variable 'sapResult' and add RFC block result value

Combination of blocks for output in Response

⏰ [02:10]

In test, check SAP RFC function result value with call success status code '200'

⏰ [02:25]

Check the 'SYCM_HEALTH_CHECK' function in SAP Client

⏰ [02:43]

Call SAP RFC Function registered as 'DEMO_RFM_PARAMETERS'

💡 Tip1. Change the function name and apply it easily on SyncTree

⏰ [03:03]

Check that SAP Client value and SyncTree test value are the same

⏰ [03:13]

Set up debugger for 'DEMO_RFM_PARAMETERS' function and call the function directly on SyncTree

⏰ [03:48]
Return response value with processing time when popup window is closed

⏰ [04:00]

Called from a browser after deploying the corresponding BizUnit

💡 Tip2. If BizUnit is in Production stage - Active, you can deploy from 'API Portal'

⏰ [04:35]

SAP BizUnit deployment created in 'API Portal Admin'

💡 Tip3. You can also test BizUnit in API Portal!

⏰ [05:15]

Call through Chrome browser with 'End-point' - Return response value when pop-up window is closed

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