[Nocode & AI Development Competition: Syncathon Season 2] 1st Place Winner - Preparing Technical Interview with ChatGPT

Today, we're going to introduce the Winner's service of Syncathon, <Preparing Technical Interview with ChatGPT>
July 17, 2023
1st Place WInner of Syncathon Season 2: Preparing Technical Interview with ChatGPT

Hello, this is the 1st Place Winner of Syncathon. I am a job seeker preparing for a job as a front-end developer. I knew the importance of the backend role to create a service, but considering the current situation, it was not easy to focus on studying the backend.​ In the meantime, I came across a 'No Code Tool' through a Syncathon advertisement by chance. I participated in Syncathon, even though other projects were in progress, with the expectation that I would be able to build my own service, including backend functions, with a fast learning, no-code tool. I learned how to use SyncTree through the SyncTree backend school lecture, and learned how to use each block through the SyncTree notion guide (manual). I experienced back-end development for the first time in Syncathon. I felt a lot of things, but I was especially able to feel a great sense of accomplishment in creating a complete service by myself in a short period of time. I would like to work on various projects using SyncTree in the future!

Name of Service

Preparing Technical Interview with ChatGPT

Development Stack

Introduction of Service

The service name 'Interviz' is a compound word of Interview + Visualization, which means that you can practice the interview by visualizing questions and answers. When users enter information about their skill stack, years of experience, and skill field, ChatGPT delivers a list of technical interview questions. By clicking on each question, you can answer that question and receive feedback and best practices for that answer. ChatGPT integration utilized the 'OpenAI: AI Service' block package in the SyncTree Block store.


Go to the service, <Preparing Technical Interview with ChatGPT>

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