SyncTree User Q&A TOP10

Today, we have 10 questions from SyncTree community users that other people might be curious about too!
July 12, 2023

Today, among the questions received through the SyncTree online community in Korea (Kakaotalk open chat), we have compiled 10 questions that other people might be curious about in Q&A form! There are many useful tips and tricks to know when developing with SyncTree, so stay tuned!

Q1. Can I test APIs in Dev or Stage environment outside of SyncTree?

A. Yes, If you 'Save' or 'Build' in each environment, an 'API Document' page is created, and you can test externally with that information. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Manual for 'NBlock Additional Features' > '1) Provide API Document' section.

Q2. Can Path Parameter be dynamically linked to URLs in the Protocol block?

A. Yes, Using the 'String Placeholder' block, easy conversion is possible. For more information, please refer to the image below and the 'Util' - 'String block usage' > '4) String Placeholder' section in the manual.

Q3. I accidentally deleted the contents in DEV on SyncTree STUDIO. It remains only in Production, can I copy it to DEV?

A. Yes, when you push a Revision of Hotfix, it is simultaneously pushed to Production and Dev. For more information, please refer to the Manual 'Revision' > 'Push/Copy between Revision Development Environments'

Q4. How do I concatenate additional characters after a datetime string?

A. You can use 'String Concat' in Util. In addition, 'Datetime Timestamp' block converts the input date to 'Unix TimeStamp', so 'Invalid Exception' occurs if you attach 'String' block directly. As shown in the image below, 'Datetime' object blocks must be connected.

Please refer to the 'processing of date and time data using the Datetime block' in the manual.

Q5. Can multiple Hashmaps be looped inside a Hashmap?

A. Yes, This can be done using the 'ArrayList' - 'Add Array Variable' block.

Q6. I want to use a function that is not available in the SyncTree block now. Can it be made into a block? (extract minimum value, convert upper/lower case, etc.)​

A. The 'Util' block can be added according to the user's requirements. Alternatively, the user can implement the function itself and register it in the 'Library' or 'Block Store' to use. For better understanding, 'Library example for case conversion' is shown below.

Registering the 'Block package' I created in the Block Store

Q7. When I request the API address I deployed, I get a CORS error. Is there a solution?

A. There is a part of the SyncTree tutorial by YouTuber 'Jocoding' where he solved the CORS error problem in 'React'. Please refer to that part of the video.

Q8. Where can I connect the block if I want to use an external API?

A. SyncTree Block Store provides a pre-made backend function, 'Block Package' so that various external services (APIs) can be used in block coding. For example, if you use the 'Naver Search API' block in Block Store, you can connect easily and quickly without the 'Transfer' block. Please refer to 'Apply Block in BizUnit > 2) 'Building Block Architecture' in the Block Store User Manual.

Q9. What if I want to integrate an external API that is not in Block Store?

A. If Block store does not have the service you want, you can use 'Protocol' and 'Transfer' blocks in SyncTree STUDIO to directly interface with external APIs. Please refer to how to call an external API using the 'Transfer' block in the manual.

Q10. Is there a 'scheduler function' that automatically calls the API at a specific time?

A. 'Scheduler function' for SaaS environment users is currently being prepared! However, we suggest a few ways to implement the function for those who need it right away before providing the service.

  1. Cronhub

- Easy to use with an intuitive structure.

- Mainly recommended for Non-developers

  1. AWS lambda + Eventbridge

- Create a scheduler with Eventbridge > Run AWS lambda (Serverless function call program) periodically

- Can be executed periodically when registering SyncTree API call task in AWS lambda

- Possible to reduce costs and resources such as server construction for separate source distribution and execution

- Need to understand Node JS or Python to use AWS and functions

- Recommended for IT developmers

- Reference link

Go to SyncTree Guide Manual 👉

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