01 OpenAI Block - Use ChatGPT4와 Dalle3 in My Service

Easier way to put ChatGPT 4, Dalle 3 in your service!
March 12, 2024

Use ChatGPT 4 and Dalle 3 in your service in an easier way!

On SyncTree, you can connect ChatGPT 4 and Dalle 3 as a nocode block.

[Package Introduction]

A block that can be integrated with AI services for use.


To use OpenAI service blocks, you need to obtain an API key.

• ㅣink : https://platform.openai.com/account/api-keys

• Create new secret key

[Main Features]

• ChatGPT: Conversational AI chatbot

• Dall-E: Natural language-based image generation model

[Steps to Follow]

• Free Signup: https://synctreestudio.com/#/account/signin

• How to use Block Store: https://synctree-guide.oopy.io/51b01914-a044-4a56-bf3d-801494ed6cff

• Video to follow: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlyPElxxNyaxt749RtrG3QstCNE9dDmUZ&si=u80sIAzjcUGd2Wh-

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