08 Google OAuth 2.0 - Want Higher Security with Google OAuth 2.0?

This is an OAuth 2.0 package for Google web server applications.

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Higher Security with Google OAuth 2.0?

Simply with Blocks!

Package Introduction

This is an OAuth 2.0 package for Google web server applications. The package includes server information, excluding the client, for the token issuance process to access Google APIs.

The procedure for issuing an access token is as follows:

1. The application identifies the necessary permissions.

2. The application redirects the user to Google with the requested permissions list.

3. The user decides whether to grant permissions to the application.

4. The application verifies the user's decision.

5. If the user grants the requested permissions, the application retrieves the token necessary to make API requests on behalf of the user.

For more information, please refer to the Package Guide URL.

Key Features

1. Exchange of access tokens

2. Request for ID token contents

3. Request for user information

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