Building Back-end for Startups in an hour with No-code!🚀

For Startups, Solo entrepreneur, We introduce how to finish building a Back-end within an hour!
April 7, 2023
Building Back-end for Startups in 1 hour with No-code
For Startups, Solo entrepreneur, or Front-end developer who are struggling with back-end development, we introduce how to finish building a Back-end within an hour!👍

✔ As soon as you sign up for FREE, the Infrastructure(AWS) setting is automatically done!

✔ Easy DB connection!

✔ Service connection is completed with a No-code block!

⏰ 00:18 - Demonstration of the final result

⏰ 00:38 - Infra setting is completed automatically as soon as Sign-up for SyncTree

⏰ 01:28 - [DB Connection(MySQL)] - Create Storage

⏰ 02:38 - Create Query extracted DB - Query Manager

⏰ 04:23 - Retrieve data from DB using Query Block - Create BizUnit

⏰ 06:58 - Call Query statement from DB using Query Block

⏰ 08:33 - Call Test

⏰ 10:53 - [Service Connection] Create API on API Portal

⏰ 11:40 - Check API Documentation

⏰ 12:26 - Connect to the webpage created by Bubble

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