[SyncTree SaaS User Interview] Korea's Largest Comprehensive Event Business Platform, ONOFFMIX

This is the first SyncTree SaaS Customer Interview. I hope this story inspires you to find the best solution as well!
August 4, 2023

[SyncTree SaaS User Interview] Korea's Largest Comprehensive Event Business Platform, ONOFFMIX

The first SyncTree SaaS Customer Interview is with Mr. Seo, Product Owner of ONOFFMIX. As I was writing the interview, I wondered if ONOFFMIX's case of adopting SyncTree might be similar to the challenges of many companies. I hope this story inspires you to find the best solution as well.

Q1. Thank you for taking the time for this interview. Please tell us a bit about ONOFFMIX.

ONOFFMIX is the largest comprehensive event business platform in Korea, launched in 2010. We have about 1.4 million members and provide various gatherings, participation support, and event planning. Recently we have been expanding into an integrated platform through the acquisition of the leisure business. ONOFFMIX fulfills customers' needs for a leisure life and dreams of a more enriched world through positive value sharing.

Q2. What made you consider adopting SyncTree?

While working as a PO at ONOFFMIX, I was looking for ways to create MVPs for different features and test them quickly while minimizing development resources. One day, I had a mini-project that needed to be completed within a certain timeframe. It was a project that required about 400,000 calls per month, but it was not easy to proceed due to some difficulties such as 'coordinating schedules with the development team', 'technical limitations to impmlement the intended features', and 'securing server resources'. While looking for a solution, I realized that SyncTree, which I had known for a while, was attractive because it allowed POs who were not developers to quickly try out development and testing while minimizing code writing. I was excited that SyncTree would solve the challenges I was facing and make the project a success.

Q3. You must have compared a lot of solutions to ensure the success of your project within a tight timeframe, so what made you decide to go with SyncTree in the end?

Yes, SyncTree had a number of comparative advantages over other solutions. The main reason I decided to adopt SyncTree was that I didn't have to use 'development resources' and 'server resources'. As a PO who is not actually a developer, the learning curve was low enough that I implemented the desired functionality in half a day, and the development time was very fast thanks to SyncTree's block coding interface. Of course, my experience as a full-stack developer helped, but I believe that not only me, but anyone with a little bit of development knowledge will be able to implement the intended functionality much easier and faster than traditional coding.

As a side note, I was able to quickly and easily learn how to use SyncTree by watching the various training materials provided by SyncTree.

In terms of cost, SyncTree made the most sense for us. Before adopting SyncTree, we had reviewed the cost of digesting traffic after in-house development, and it was overwhelmingly better to use SyncTree.

The fact that we don't have to worry about what to expect or how to react to spikes in traffic was also a big factor in our decision to go with SyncTree. The convenience and stability in terms of traffic management also made the project run smoothly, and that's what made it a success.

Q4. You've nailed the benefits of SyncTree!😊 Please share with us what you've found to be the best part of using SyncTree since its introduction!

The best thing about using SyncTree is the 'Block coding' method. Being able to combine blocks to implement functionality made development much faster and reduced the number of errors from writing code, which allowed us to build applications and troubleshoot issues quickly.

I was also impressed with the handling options provided in case of heavy traffic, which gave us the peace of mind that we could respond quickly and effectively to unexpected situations.

I also appreciated being able to ask live questions via SyncTree's KakaoTalk open chat room. It was easy to get help with things we didn't know, and it was easy to communicate with each other to share knowledge and solve problems.

Q5. Do you have any plans to utilize SyncTree in the future?

Yes! We plan to continue to utilize SyncTree for both MVP and new product development. The success of this mini-project has already been shared within the company, and we're receiving many questions about using SyncTree for other projects.😅 We're looking forward to utilizing SyncTree for various projects in the future to increase development speed, productivity, and to build various features quickly. Thank you.

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