[Nocode & AI Development Competition: Syncathon Season 2] 2nd Place Winner - MISO's To Do List

Today, we're going to introduce the 2nd Place Winner's service of Syncathon, <MISO's To Do List>
July 18, 2023
2nd Place WInner of Syncathon Season 2: MISO's To Do List
I started this project because I wanted to help with the school life of my mischievous niece in the second grade of elementary school, 'Miso'. Due to the circumstances, I had only planned and not started development, but I met a good opportunity, <Syncathon Season 2> and an easy development method, <SyncTree>, so I was able to plan the service again. The biggest strength of SyncTree was that it was easy to access so that it made me think, 'Should I try the development again?' Also, it was easy to build and deploy, and it was convenient that there was no need for separate environment settings. Since I had learned a little bit of development in the past, the beginning was simple, but I also felt that it became more and more difficult. I also thought that it would be nice to have a community other than the KakaoTalk open chat room to find answers to errors. I was happy to be able to try again the development that I had given up. thank you!

The Name of Service

MISO's To Do List

Development Stack

Frontend: Bubble

Backend: SyncTree

Introduction of Service

<MISO's To Do List> is a 'To Do List for Children' created for nieces and nephews. It is a service that guides elementary school students to enter their homework and to-do list directly and perform the task well. AI provides detailed information on how helpful it is when performing each task. Through SyncTree, 'DB integration (MySQL)', 'External API', and 'Data processing' were carried out, and 'Open AI:ChatGPT' block was used in the Block Store.


  1. Email Sign-up and Log-in / Kakao Log-in authentication and Sign-up
  2. User Settings (Child-guardian connection, Profile editing)
  3. Create, Edit, Delete the routine templates / Reward setting
  4. Guardian notification function when task is completed
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