[SyncTree SaaS User Interview] Non-Developer Marketer's Experience After Introducing No-code Solution - 'MMI Korea(Musway)'

As a non-developer marketer interested in solutions like 'no-code' and 'automation' that can maximize work efficiency
January 29, 2024
[SyncTree SaaS User Interview] Non-Developer Marketer's Experience After Introducing No-code Solution - 'MMI Korea(Musway)'

The second guest of the SyncTree SaaS customer interview series is Mr. Hong, a manager at 'MMI Korea (brand name: Musway)', a distributor of car audio and vehicle accessories. As a non-developer marketer interested in solutions like 'no-code' and 'automation' that can maximize work efficiency, his story of applying these solutions to his work can inspire many other citizen developers. Discover Mr. Hong's interview, where he effectively used SyncTree's solution for 'flexible business logic writing' to solve his Pain Points!

Q1. Hello! Could you please introduce MMI Korea?

MMI Korea, established in 2006, was a company developing and manufacturing interfaces, essential devices for connecting navigation systems and rear cameras in vehicles. In 2018, we transformed into a distribution specialist company. We currently operate the specialized car DSP amplifier brand 'MUSWAY', mainly dealing with 'car audio and vehicle accessories'. We sell our products to 33 dealerships and over 300 clients nationwide.

I am responsible for creating dealership websites nationwide, managing advertising, and customer relations. I started using the SyncTree solution to manage product registration and management on dealership websites more conveniently.

Q2. I heard you first learned about SyncTree through SNS and the No-code community. What were your expectations after discovering SyncTree solution?

Initially, I was managing dealership websites nationwide through a CMS service, but as the number of admin pages increased, uploading the same product on multiple sites became very time-consuming. Finding a solution for automation or bulk uploading was challenging. Then, I discovered SyncTree and expected it to make website product management easier, so I made an inquiry.

Q3. What aspect were you most satisfied with after SyncTree introduction?

I have a keen interest in no-code and automation, and I have tried various methods in my work. I've used various no-code solutions like Zapier and Airtable, but managing and merging data across multiple solutions was difficult, and there was still the hassle of manual management. Also, I felt limited in implementing the functions I wanted with the features provided by those solutions.

The most satisfying part after introducing SyncTree was that I could customize it in the way I wanted. This was possible because SyncTree is a no-code solution that allows setting up 'business logic', not just providing set features. For example, even though I implemented automation with other no-code tools, the lack of standardized documents or methods limited the functionality. With SyncTree, I could set up business logic to call APIs with the 'Transfer' block by just checking the API specifications of each external service.

Currently, I am developing an 'automation system' that extracts members joined on CMS system using the 'Scheduler' feature of SyncTree and utilizes them for email marketing.

Q4. Do you plan to continue using SyncTree in your work?

I am very eager to continue using it and want to learn from various cases. In particular, I'd like to try using the previously mentioned scheduler function to scrape specific articles or information about our products.

Q5. Lastly, do you have any message for those hesitant to adopt SyncTree?

Honestly, as a non-developer marketer, it took about a year to decide to adopt SyncTree. I lacked confidence in implementing features as a non-developer and lacked sufficient information and resources. However, with development support like SyncTree training, I realized that it is indeed a platform where non-developers can implement the functions they want.

So, I would highly recommend SyncTree adoption, especially for those with basic development knowledge, as it can be learned more easily and has endless potential for use. For non-developers, setting a small project completion as a goal to learn how to use SyncTree can allow you to customize and implement features that are difficult with other no-code tools.

Many people use no-code tools like Bubble or Webflow these days, but there are limited functions (e.g., Kakao login) difficult to implement with these tools. I think if there were video materials or training to solve these issues, people could use SyncTree more actively. I am willing to purchase even if paid courses are introduced!‍

Thanks to adopting SyncTree, I have received a lot of help, especially in saving time on new website product registrations. I sincerely want to express my gratitude.

Thank you!

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