[Syncathon Season 3] Introduction of 6 Winner's Ideas

Let me introduce 6 final winning teams of Syncathon season 3!
November 22, 2023

Syncathon Season 3 was the largest contest ever with approximately 800 teams applying to participate. It was a time when many people's brilliant ideas stood out despite the difficult topic of 'creative financial & insurance service development using AI'.

Let me introduce 6 final winning teams now!

<BANKING NOW> is a banking service for visually impaired people who have difficulty handling banking transactions

Watch the demo on Youtube

2nd PRIZE. <MoneyMate>
<MoneyMate> is a financial goal management solution app for those just starting out in society.
Screenshot of MoneyMate service

3nd PRIZE. <finSET>
finSET is a personalized financial & real estate service designed to help users understand their financial information at a glance.
Watch the demo on Youtube
4th PRIZE. <Move for Children>
Move for Children is a service that provides school rankings and real estate information around high schools to help families make efficient moving decisions.
Watch the demo on Youtube

Runner up 1. <The Customized Home Rental Planner>
The Customized Home Rental Planner is a customized information service for young people who are new to renting a home.
Watch the demo on Youtube
Runner up 2. <Housing>
Housing is a real estate information service targeting young people in their 20s and 30s who are interested in purchasing their own home.
Watch the demo on Youtube
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