SyncTree FAQ TOP 5!

Today, We're collecting the TOP 5 most frequently asked questions on SyncTree and solving them all at once here!
July 25, 2023
Frequently Asked Questions on SyncTree TOP 5
Today, We're collecting the TOP 5 most frequently asked questions on SyncTree and solving them all at once here!🕵️
1. Is SyncTree No-code backend development only suitable for MVP?

No, it's not! SyncTree is a solution that enables the writing of backend business logic, and it is possible to do everything from small-scale backend development such as 'MVP development' to large-scale backend development of companies! Until now, you can see that SyncTree is being used across various industries and in various sizes such as KB Kookmin Bank, KB Securities, DL E&C, SOCAR, Woowa Brothers, Aero-K, etc.

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2. What is the scope of SyncTree's backend development?

SyncTree is a solution optimized for the backend environments of various companies by size and industry. It can cover a wide range of back-end development scopes you think!

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3. What about the API Document or Revision?

The API document is internalized in SyncTree, so you can check it directly on the 'API Portal' site.

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SyncTree's development environment adopts the Git-flow method and consists of 'Dev', 'Stage', 'Production', amd 'Feature', 'Hotfix' for modification.

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4. How about the Maintenance?

SyncTree provides easy maintenance by separating the block code modules that you work with into revision files to manage, and operate in zero downtime deployment.

SyncTree also ensures system continuity through modularized blocks, specifications, tests, and regular updates. Through this, users can secure the safety and reliability of the system and respond quickly to customer requirements.

5. Bubble and Airtable also have API connectors, so why do I need to develop backends with SyncTree?

It is very clear why you should develop your backend with SyncTree! When connecting to a specific API, SyncTree acts as a relay server and performs the following tasks. Let's take the example of using 'ChatGPT' API, which is widely used these days.

1. Data pre-processing/post-processing: The result received from ChatGPT can be processed and used in the desired content and form

2. Service integration with API mashup: ChatGPT often pretends to know even inaccurate information. It is possible to build more accurate services based on actual data, such as importing related YouTube videos or newspaper articles by using the ChatGPT answers as search keywords.

3. DB Storage Integration: You can also save questions and answers to a DB by connecting to DB Storage

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