05 NH Nonghyup Bank Block - Building a Fintech service Using Bank APIs?

Building a Fintech service Using Bank APIs?

Backend Nocode Solution, SyncTree

Building a Fintech service Using Bank APIs?

Simply with Blocks!

Package Introduction

A NH Nonghyup Bank block that can be used for a FinTech service.

To use this block, you need to sign up for the NH open platform developer center and get an Authentication Key for testing.


Main Features

• Open Fin Account Direct

• Banking service inquiry

• Simple payment

• P2P Finance

• Deposit Management

• Giro/Utilities

Learn How To

• Free Signup: https://synctreestudio.com/#/account/signin

• How to use Block Store: https://synctree-guide.oopy.io/51b01914-a044-4a56-bf3d-801494ed6cff

• Video to follow: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlyPElxxNyaxt749RtrG3QstCNE9dDmUZ&si=u80sIAzjcUGd2Wh-

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