Ntuple Cooperates in Technology Dev. to Build KB Kookmin Bank’s BaaS Business Platform

KB Kookmin Bank was able to resolve concerns about development platforms, such as securing business agility
January 18, 2023
Ntuple Cooperates in Technology Dev. to Build KB Kookmin Bank’s BaaS Business Platform

BaaS (Banking as a Service) Business has Emerged as a Hot Topic throughout the Financial Sector

In 2023, the most noteworthy words in the New Year's address of Korea's commercial bank presidents were 'digital transformation', and 'strengthening platform capabilities'. In particular, 'BaaS(Banking as a Service)' is a hot topic in the financial sector. While Gartner also predicted that "BaaS will emerge as the mainstream of digital banking within two years." Ntuple supplied 'SyncTree' a Back-end No-code development solution, to develop core technologies for buildling KB Kookmin Bank's BaaS business platform.

Core Technology of SyncTree for Building KB Kookmin Bank BaaS Platform

Ntuple commercialized KB Kookmin Bank’s existing corporate banking service as a BaaS service through various function module blocks provided by SyncTree and SyncTree RFC add-on which is a function that converts a company’s legacy native code into a function module block.

In addition, while strengthening the management function of the service-related core technology elements built through technology internalization, some corporate banking services were combined and converted into SyncTree to provide services to external institutions easily and quickly.

Park Hyun-min, CEO of Ntuple, said that recently, as the financial sector’s needs for BaaS business and interest in appas (Application Platform as a Service) increase, the importance of building a platform that enables this is being emphasized. KB Kookmin Bank’s BaaS was able to quickly and efficiently resolve their concerns related to the development platform, such as securing business agility, with SyncTree by internalizing core technology elements through a cloud-native solution. Ntuple will continue to cooperate to advance the financial platform.

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