[Nocode & AI Development Competition: Syncathon Season 2] 3rd Place Winner - AI Travel Guide

Today, we're going to introduce the 3rd Place Winner's service of Syncathon, <AI Travel Guide>
July 19, 2023
3rd Place Winner of Syncathon Season2: AI Travel Guide

I had a lot of experience in other projects as a planner, but this was my first time developing a backend with NoCode. Thanks to Syncaton Season 2, it was meaningful that I was able to start development using external APIs that I was only thinking about. Since I'm a non-developer, I had some difficulty in creating a service with only the training materials given, but I think it will be more helpful if SyncTree training materials are released in the future!

The Name of Service

AI Travel Guide

Development Stack

Frontend: Bubble

Backend: SyncTree

Introduction of Service

<AI Travel Guide> is a travel AI assistant that organizes vacation schedules. By entering conditions such as destination, duration and travel style, AI will provide you with a hyper-personalized itinerary. In the future, if the travel API is integrated, it seems that the function can be expanded by enabling payment. It was developed using an external API through SyncTree and used the 'Open AI: ChatGPT' block in the SyncTree Block Store.


  1. Log-in
  2. Entering some travel conditions to ask a question
  3. AI provides a hyper-personalized itinerary
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